Virtuo for Business

No queues, no hassle - your team can book, unlock and drive the car they need, 24/7, all through their phones.

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Your team can book the car they need from locations across Europe, all through the app or your travel management platform.
Easily manage your team or book on their behalf, all through your custom dashboard
Your team waves goodbye to painful queues by going straight to their Virtuo and unlocking it with the app. It's magic!

Virtuo for Business is great for



  • No time wasted at rental counters
  • Consistent experience with high quality cars
  • Drive the car you booked - no nasty surprises!
  • Available 24/7 - don't be bound by car rental office hours
  • Delivery & Collection


  • Custom pricing
  • Your own admin platform
  • Simple and centralised invoicing
  • Manage your team in seconds
  • Control and manage all bookings

Even better yet, you can save with special business rates!

We are a team of
2 to 5 colleagues
2 to 5 colleagues
1 employee
5 to 10 colleagues
10 to 50 colleagues
50+ colleagues
and need a rental car
1-5 times per month
1-5 times per month
5-10 times per month
10-20 times per month
20+ times per month

Let's get you and your team on the road!

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